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BaseBone is a superior freeze-dried bone allograft (FDBA) for dental graft procedures, including implant site development and socket preservation. BaseBone's patented, revolutionary washing procedure uses supercritical CO2 which allows beneficial extracellular components such as collagen to remain in the final product.


Better still, the tissue is easy to handle in any form. The particle size of the allograft has been researched and studied by some of the most trusted names in the field of periodontology. At 250 to 630 microns, BaseBone particulate is the ideal size for maximum osseointegration.

Basebone with Lid.png
Basebone with Lid.png



Contains freeze-dried cortical bone allograft. Optimal particle size ensures easy handling.

Contains freeze-dried cancellous bone allograft. Optimal particle size ensures easy handling. 

50/50 Mix

Basebone with Lid.png


Contains freeze-dried bone allograft, a 50/50 mix of cortical and cancellous bone.

Choose between de-mineralized putty and putty with bone chips.

Why is BaseBone a preferred allograft for dental specialists?

Revolutionary Washing Treatment

BaseBone is treated using a revolutionary washing procedure. The process uses a highly effective, validated supercritical CO2 washing procedure paired with low-dose e-beam irradiation that is scientifically proven to inactivate viruses and bacteria while maintaining strength and structure better than traditionally-irradiated products.

Better Bio-compatibility

Supercritical carbon dioxide is used to extract unwanted compounds from the bone product resulting in near sterility. Finally, the low-dose irradiation ensures sterility while maximizing BaseBone's bio-compatibility and mechanical integrity.


Improved Osteogenic Properties

This type of sterilization does not damage the biologic potential of the graft biomaterial. BaseBone creates a graft site that is less prone to infection and optimized for osseointegration.


Superior Handling

Basebone's mineralized product has optimal handling properties for surgery and maintains stability during healing resulting in better bone quality and hardness.

Why is BaseBone ideal for all dentists?

BaseBone is used by dentists, general practitioners and specialists alike who provide osteogenic and dental implant procedures. It offers ideal handling properties for extraction sites as well as the reconstruction of localized edentulous ridges in its mineralized freeze-dried form. The particle size of the mineralized form has been researched and studied by one of the most trusted researchers in the field of periodontology. At 250 to 630 microns, BaseBone is comprised of bone material that is the most ideal size for maximum integration into a patient's bone.

BaseBone is cost-efficient, clinically effective and results in less pain and shorter recovery time for the patient. In any bone grafting situation, the so-called "ideal" solution is harvesting viable bone from the patient to generate new tissue. However, most patients do not want to pay the expense, nor do they want an invasive surgical procedure that adds to their recovery time before the oral treatment has even begun. BaseBone is the best option for practitioners and patients looking to shorten recovery time and reduce expense.

BaseBone freeze-dried particulate allograft also degrades less than other allografts upon placement, and has an extended shelf life that exceeds other bone products. The putty formulation is easy to handle in its demineralized form, which can be delivered directly into the site via our pre-loaded syringes.

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